Mags weather site

Welcome to Mags weather site

This site is running on Raspberry PI and my station is located in Sponvika, Norway(elev.40msl)

The magnificent RPi is hosting this webserver and processing data based on a Fine Offset WH-1080 weather station at an interval of 60 minutes(measured every 5).

By clicking Realtime Systeminfo you can see how lightweight this server really is, using about 5W it is really green.

Working as a Microsoft system technitian, this is one of my first experiences with Linux and RPi and I would really like to thank all of you who are contributing to a vast community with loads of possibilities and open minds not afraid of sharing. The RPi is really one of the most fun projects I've been doing in a long time. Now; go check out the weather and get yourself a Pi!

  • /Magnus